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Telephony in Seregno

Avant-garde and personalised solutions

Welcome to the website of Telinco Engineering Srl. We are a company specialised in the offer of telecommunication services in Seregno, guaranteeing avant-garde and personalised solutions. We have been dealing with telephony for many years, keeping up with the changing of the times and the technological innovations. We can be proud if being always up to date and offering the best products available on the market. Competence, reliability and speed are the prerogatives requested by more and more demanding clients, when they have to start a business relationship with a company. If nowadays telecommunication is the basis of everything, our service is capable of satisfying the increasing requests of the market.

Telinco Engineering Srl

Business communication systems

Thanks to the quality of its services Telinco Engineering Srl has become a point of reference in the telephony field. Throughout the years, we have become official partners of numerous companies which chose to rely on us for getting impeccable and avant-garde telecommunication services. Having an efficient and quick communication system is essential in the present globalised world. For this reason, Telinco engineering srl is specialised in offering avant-garde solutions while being able to meet the demands of modern and dynamic companies.

about us


Small, medium and large solution communication systems, phone devices, business networking, applications for management.



We offer solutions for whichever company, using only high quality raw materials. We supply also systems of cabinets and racks.

data center

data center

We build and install data center capable of satisfying all every demand of a modern company, assuring that every information is kept confidential and secure.

video surveillance

video security systems

Make your company safer through modern and avant-garde surveillance systems and cameras.

Our services

Assistance and inspections

For our telephony services, we make the effort of giving the best assistance to those who decide to contact us asking advice about their telecommunication business systems. Whichever your request may be, our experts can design the system you chose, ensuring the highest quality standards regarding safety and continuity of service, necessary for an 

appropriate functioning of the project. We make all the needed inspections to understand which is the best solution we can adopt. Our services include also the practical installation of all the equipment and systems. The main strong points of our company are flexibility and variety of our offer. We are able to satisfy the more various demands 

 of those who choose to rely on us. We listen always very carefully the requests of the client, so that we can offer the best solution in every occasion. We follow our work step by step, giving advice and suggestions for helping the clients to understand which is the best suitable solution.



To ask for whichever information and request a meeting, an estimate or an inspection don’t hesitate to contact us, calling the number +390362328973 or writing at the mail address We will answer all of your questions.