Data center

Data center in Seregno


Telinco Engineering Srl is capable of designing and realising complete solutions for the implementation of Data center, which can integrate alimentation, cooling, management and services. The Data center is a necessary resource for whichever company, whichever its size is, for the management of all the productive activities and services both for business clients and for public administration. The use of data center turns out to be indispensable for managing safely the always increasing quantity of data, ensuring also that every information is kept confidential and secureTelinco Engineering is the perfect partner for the planning and realisation of the Data centers, our experts are capable of planning your data center ensuring the highest standards concerning quality, security and service continuity, which are necessary for the correct functioning of the entire structure. The service offered by our company includes also the practical installation of all those elements composing the data center, like switch, rack cabinets, monitoring and wiring equipment, for a complete management of the structure. 

A practical and reliable data center is a necessary element for each company trying to maximise its productive processes. Telinco offers to its clients all the due advice for realising data centers capable of satisfying the requests of practicality in use. We analyse always very carefully the requests of the clients so that we can offer suitable solutions and the make proper interventions which are impeccable under every point of view.
We make accurate and careful inspections, so that we can understand all the possible matters that we will have to deal with. Our operators are always up to date about all the news offered by the market, so that they can offer always avant-garde proposals. To ask for whichever information and request a meeting, an estimate or an inspection don’t hesitate to contact us, calling the number +390362328973 or writing at the mail address We will answer all of your questions.