Cabinets and racks in Seregno

High-quality and customised solutions

Telinco Engineering is a company specialised in the selling of cabinets and racks. We can supply a wide range of cabinets and racks, solutions made for the most various demands of the clients. The use of cabinets and rack-units is the perfect solution to keep server, switch and the necessary equipment for the correct functioning of a data-net in an ordinate and easily accessible way. Inside a company, order is essential for organising spaces and productivity. A modern and well planned system of cabinets and racks can assure the correct order. Having an easy access to the hardware material, in fact, allows to act quickly when intervening on one or more components (like wires) proves to be necessary. This consents to solve any possible problem very quickly, making the activity efficient again in a very short time. An efficient system of cabinets and racks implies the presence of constant electric alimentation and an inside temperature ranging around 20 C°, which can ensure the correct functioning of the electronic components. Our operators are ready to offer the necessary advice for helping you find the most suitable solution to your requests. We have the possibility to make the necessary inspections and understand which is the cabinet and rack system which can best suit you.

We put at your disposal our wide experience in this field, which allowed us to become partner of several important companies throughout the years.
To ask for whichever information and request a meeting, an estimate or an inspection don’t hesitate to contact us, calling the number +390362328973 or writing at the mail address We will answer all of your questions.