Telephone network in Seregno

Voip technology

Would you like to install a telephone network in Seregno? Telinco Engineering Srl is a company specialised in offering customised services for privates and companies. A telephone network is a telecommunication network which implements phone services. We offer phone network systems based on Voip technology to the companies which contact us. This is a technology which allows to make a phone call using a internet connection or whichever network dedicated to packet switching which uses an IP protocol without a data-transfer connection. The further improvement of the VoIP technology in the last years has allowed the use of computer networks based on IP protocol to implement the telephony in addition to the development of LAN local networks. The development and success of VoIP technology is due to two factors: the first is the possibility of using the same communication system for more services; the second is the better efficiency offered by the packet switching used in the computer networks compared to the circuit switching which was initially used in telephony.

In a globalised world it is essential to have powerful and flexible communication tools, through which a business or activity can be managed in the best possible way. The main strong points of our company are flexibility and variety of our offer. We are able to satisfy the more various demands of those who choose to rely on us. We listen always very carefully the requests of the client, so that we can offer the best solution in every occasion. The satisfaction of our clients is the main goal to be pursued by us. To do this, we are always keeping up to date about all the news on the market, monitoring the development of technology so that we can always offer avant-garde solutions. Our staff is constantly up-to-date thanks to continuous training courses.
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