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Are you looking for business phone application Monza? Telinco Engineering Srl is a company specialised in supplying telecommunication services. The productivity applications of NeXspan line allow to the companies to have at their disposal applications for which previously the possession of an expensive equipment was required. The data management of the clients occurs immediately and automatically through the screen of the PC. All the phone calls are managed simply through a mouse-click.

Our company can offer more than one business phone application:
i2052 PC Telephone Application: i2052 is a software which allow to use all the phone contacts:
• of the PBX Directory
• Of the Microsoft Outlook Contact List
• Of the client’s database

i2052 represents the electronic assistant who, without interfering with any of the applications operating on the computer, keeps your phone under control and it is synchronised to the contact managements database. If a “physical” phone isn’t available, the i2052 application can add, using a USB adaptor and a micro-telephone, the best voice management integrating it to the computer. PC Telephone Application i2052 allows the convergence of multimedia communication, consenting to the users to communicate with voice, data and images, using only one device. Finally, all the multimedia and teleconference communication services are at disposal, thanks to the integration with Instant Messaging services. You will plan the redirections and the supervisions of the internal users and you will get the notification of the presence of a message in your voice box directly on your PC.

I2070 Computer Operator: I2070 Computer Operator is the device which allows the operator at the switchboard to manage all the calls concerning the company directly on the computer. Through a computer, not necessarily a dedicated one, matched to the M760 terminal, the application supplies a complete series of additional information with the possibility of managing all the applications in a traditional way both through the phone and through the mouse and the PC pad. 

The features of the application include:
• complete integration with Windows
• personalisation of colours, sizes and active windows on the computer
• access to the directory
• supervision of more than 200 internal derivatives
• Monitoring of re-directed and on hold calls

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