Management applications in Seregno

TWP and M7425

Are you looking for management applications? Telinco engineering Srl is a company specialised in offering telecommunication services. Nowadays it is essential to have applications for making the management of the company more efficient in order to increase the productive processes. Our company is specialised in offering flexible solutions capable of satisfying every desire of the client. 

These are some of the management applications we offer:
TWP: Unlike the traditional TAPI interfaces, the Telephony Web Portal (TWP) is a device which surpasses the usual restrictions posed normally by a CTI application concerning its compatibility with other computer devices. Using whichever program allowing the Drag & Drop function it will be enough to underline the phone number, regardless of the font which is used, and drag it on TWP Caller task bar for making a call. No installation on the clients is required and no training for the users is needed.
M7425: with M7425 the highest level of safety is assured and immediate thanks to the simple use of the password levels of the NeXspan. The functions to which each user can have access are defined by the rights configured by a super-administrator who decide also the access rules for kind of functions and operations. For ensuring data security, M7425 includes a Backup & Restore function. Thanks to this, all your data (directory, Intranet directory, cost database…) can be copied on back-up devices for an possible restoring of the pre-existing ones. M7425 through a user-friendly interface offers a quick and efficient access to the various commands. 

A wide range of modules helps:
Users’ subscription
Users’ assisted creation (phone number, kind of terminal…)
Internal users’ management
Management of physical and logical resources
Management of Phone parameters
Management of the directory: hierarchy and fields.

Each kind of terminal is managed by the M7425 with the control of all the principal functions.
The control system M7425 is compatible with the three principal domains ISO/FCAPS:
Security Management
Mistake management
Configuration Management
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