Medium & large solutions communication systems


Telinco Engineering Srl is a company specialised in selling medium & large solutions communication systems in Seregno. For medium & large solutions communication systems we offer the NeXspan line. The NeXspan line is the perfect solution to satisfy all the demands of your company concerning communication.

Complete and open system:
NeXspan has been projected as a universal solution capable of satisfying the demands of all the companies, both the smaller and the bigger ones. It offers all the services of the IP-PBX together with the functions of the media gateway for ToIP solutions. NeXspan can be integrated to the already existing lines, it can manage whichever kind of terminal (both analogical, digital, DECT or IP) and supports the majority of the standards available on the market, with particular reference to CTI, Unified Messaging e ToIP applications. 

Professional courtesy answering service:
Thanks to the integrated answering service a flexible and dynamic instrument is at disposal for presenting the company to clients and resellers with efficiency and competence. A complete service which includes up to 64 messages which can be completely personalised for the answering system, waiting music, recorded information messages for internal users (message in the voice box, wrong command, confirmation of programming…).

Computer Operator and IVR:
In the case of a need of answering which goes beyond the simple welcoming, the company supplies, integrated in the system, the computer operator service and IVR. With this function, the user has a broader opportunity of personalising voice messages structuring them on 7 levels and 64 knots.

Voice Mail:
A system of integrated voice mail, personalised for each user, capable of managing incoming calls in the case of absent or busy operator, with visual and acoustic alert when a message is there and both local and remote assistance.

Automatic Calls Distribution (ACD):
The managements software ACD distributes to the operators all the incoming calls, sharing the amount of work according to pre-set criteria, optimising the waiting times and improving the system offered to the client.

Thanks to NeXspan you can have a better safety on the net together with a reduction of the operative costs. Increasing the efficiency of the processes and reducing the costs thank to technology is an effort that all the successful businesses decide to take. In this sense, integrate communications acquire a fundamental and strategic role. NeXspan has been projected as a universal solution capable of satisfying the demands of all the companies, both the small and the bigger ones. Our staff will help you to choose and install the product which best suits you. To ask for whichever information and request a meeting, an estimate or an inspection don’t hesitate to contact us, calling the number +390362328973 or writing at the mail address We will answer all of your questions.