Business networking in Seregno


Telinco Engineering Srl is a company specialised in business networking services. Thanks to the most performing networking available on the market, NeXspan systems allow you to have the “virtual PBX” with the total integration in terms of functionality and performance from 2 to 99 knots, with very high performing solutions. Nowadays, increasing the efficiency of the processes and reducing the costs thanks to technology is an effort that all the successful businesses are trying to take. Having a good business networking system is fundamental to make a company more efficient. For this reason, integrated communications acquire a fundamental and strategic role. The Internet Protocol is now acknowledged as standard for every kind of communication (voice, data and images). In this scenery, having at disposal only one network structure (LAN – WAN) for the transfer of all the information and business communication has a fundamental importance. Integrating voice and data in a single net is much more convenient than keeping and managing two separated and uniform lines. For this purpose, Aastra Italia offers NeXspan as the best solution for integrating on the LAN and WAN business network all the phoning functions while optimising them with the computer business systems. 

NeXspan Systems can assure:
• Reduction of the operative prices: The management of the NeXspan systems is simple and immediate thanks to extremely efficient, secure and intuitive applications, essential factors which contribute to reduction of operating costs.
• Improving safety of the net: NeXspan system works as every other network device without get in conflict with other applications or reducing their overall efficiency with new tasks.
• Uniform development of the net: thanks to the integration of the NeXspan systems to the net, the uniform development and the best performing flexibility (traditional PBX, full IP and mixed) are totally guaranteed. The investments and the management costs are sensibly optimised. 

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