Small solutions Communication systems


Telinco Engineering Srl is a company specialised in installing small solution communication systems in Seregno. For our small solution communication systems we offer the NeXspan line. The NeXspan line is the perfect solution to satisfy all the demands of your company concerning communication. NeXspan offers a technologically innovative solution which can apply to whichever structure of traditional informatics system to meet the specific demands of each company. With a simple but practical architecture and a wide range of platforms and applications, NeXspan is perfect for the demands of companies concerning telecommunication. The productivity applications of NeXspan line allow to the companies to have at their disposal applications for which previously the possession of an expensive equipment was required. The data management of the clients occurs immediately and automatically through the screen of the PC. All the phone calls are managed simply through a mouse-click.

The NeXspan line offers a complete series of services, including:
• Voice messaging system capable of welcoming always the clients in the best way
• Applications for CTI solutions, Computer operator, call center and Softphone
• Totally transparent networking for shared business or homeworking solutions

Thanks to NeXspan you can have a better safety on the net together with a reduction of the operative costs. Increasing the efficiency of the processes and reducing the costs thank to technology is an effort that all the successful businesses decide to take. In this sense, integrate communications acquire a fundamental and strategic role. NeXspan has been projected as a universal solution capable of satisfying the demands of all the companies, both the smaller and the bigger ones. Our staff will help you to choose and install the product which best suits you.
Having an efficient and quick communication system is essential in the present globalised world. For this reason, Telinco engineering srl is specialised in offering avant-garde solutions while being able to meet the demands of modern and dynamic companies. Our staff is always at your disposal for offering help and advice so that you can find the best solution to your requests. We are constantly up-to-date concerning the latest developments on the market. 

To ask for whichever information and request a meeting, an estimate or an inspection don’t hesitate to contact us, calling the number +390362328973 or writing at the mail address We will answer all of your questions.