Video security

Video security in Seregno


Telinco Engineering offers a valid system of installation of security systems in Seregno. Nowadays having an efficient and modern security system is fundamental to ensure the safety of a company. Telinco is specialised in finding surveillance solutions specifically designed for ensuring the safety of companies. We have been working in the field for years and have been contacted by many companies for a video security system Seregno. We put at your disposal all our experience for ensuring reliable and secure systems capable of keeping away strangers wanting to infiltrate your business. Often a proper camera system is enough to keep thieves away. We listen always very carefully to the requests of the client, so that we can understand their needs and offer the best solution in every occasion. We install only first quality products, realised by the best brands in the field so that we can offer a best quality service to our clients.

Thanks to the continuous training of our staff, we can always offer avant-garde solutions.
We can install and offer complete equipment of:
• Accessories
• Analogical cameras
• IP Digital cameras
• Fixed IP
• Dome IP
• Digital Videorecorders
• Lenses
• Networking
• Video Server
• Software

Moreover our staff can give the necessary training on demand for learning how to use the equipment in the best way.
To ask for whichever information and request a meeting, an estimate or an inspection don’t hesitate to contact us, calling the number +390362328973 or writing at the mail address We will answer all of your questions.